Earthbound Wines have soul.
The brand tells the nurturing story that represents the value of the land.

Our focus is on producing good quality organic wines that are organically grown with Fairtrade principles, complying to an ethical certification whose main aim is to promote more equality and sustainability in the farming sector. We care about our people, the environment, sustainable farming, the organic wines we produce and about what we put into the earth.

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Papkuilsfontein Vineyards near Darling was established in 1998.

Earthbound Wines are produced on Papkuilsfontein Vineyards in the West Coast Darling district. The wines express the rich terroir of this near coastal region which has deep, mineral rich red soils, an above-average rainfall, and dry lands bush vines that add depth and complexity to the wines. The range consists of five varietals, four of which are also certified organically grown. Earthbound Wines fill a specific gap in the Cape Legends portfolio and challenge traditional wine production norms.

The Groenekloof ward, of which Papkuilsfontein is part, has only recently been identified as a high potential wine production areas. Just 25km from the sea the vines benefit from cooling sea breezes while a range of hillocks protect it from the potentially damaging effects of the South-Easter. The temperatures of the areas fall within the cooler end of the heat spectrum of the grape-growing areas in the Western Cape and rainfall is above average for the West Coast.



Fairtrade is an ethical certification and its main aim is to promote equality and sustainability in the farming sector. A product that carries the FAIRTRADE Mark has met the rigorous Fairtrade Standards, which focus on improving labour and living conditions for farming communities and on promoting a more sustainable way of farming.


Organic agricultural produce is the basis for producing healthy and high quality organic products.


The Biodiversity & Wine Initiative that seeks to protect the wealth of biodiversity found in the Cape Floral Kingdom by rehabilitating land on wine farms to indigenous habitat.


Wine and Agricultural Industry Ethical Trade Association: for complying with its code of good practice.